Big changes are coming for you and all other Michigan drivers on July 1 when the state’s new no-fault auto insurance law takes effect.

The two biggest changes? Premiums and Protection.

Car premiums
Premium Savings

The goal of the new law is to reduce auto insurance premiums across the state. In fact, many Michigan motorists could pay lower premiums when they buy or renew their policies after July 1. Whether and how much you might save depends on several factors.

Protection Changes

Under the new law, auto insurance policies in Michigan will no longer automatically come with lifetime PIP medical and rehabilitation coverage. Instead, Michigan motorists for the first time will decide how much PIP to buy with their auto insurance policies. Choosing less PIP coverage will likely reduce what you pay for the PIP portion of your auto insurance premium.  If you choose to no longer purchase PIP coverage and you are injured in a crash, your immediate and long-term medical and rehabilitation expenses are your responsibility to pay, either out of your pocket or through some other form of health insurance, which may or may not cover the care.

If you have been in an auto accident before, your first thought was likely “am I alright?” However, your health should be your first thought before you get behind the wheel.

Drive protected before you and your family are stuck with long-term medical and rehabilitation expenses.

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